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Travel with pets to the United States using Swiss Air

Travel with pets

If you plan to travel with pets from Switzerland to the United States, you do not need to be concerned because Swiss Air allows passengers to bring their pets on any flight.


Depending on the kind and size of your pet or pets, it is possible that they will fly with you.  Either the cabin or the cargo part of the aircraft. However, you can feel at ease knowing that your furry companion will be accompanying you wherever you go.


Keep reading to learn what preparations you need to make before traveling with animals. This will guarantee that you and your companion arrive at your final destination safely together.


Remember that as a Swiss citizen you are eligible for an ESTA US visa waiver allowing you to travel to the US without applying for a traditional visa.


Travel with pets and important documents


As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is in order. This should be both for you and your pet and in the correct format at the time of travel. When animals travel between countries, they are required to have a variety of travel documents. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that you have all of these documents.


Pet passports, health and immunization certificates, import, export, transit papers, and other paperwork are required for animals traveling with you. On this page, you will find a list of all the requirements that must be met before a pet can enter the United States.


How much extra money does it cost to bring my pet to the US?


The cost of traveling with your pet can vary. It is based on where you are going and the size of your pet. It depends whether or not your pet travels in the cabin with you or in the hold section of the aircraft.


At the very bottom of their page devoted to traveling with animals, Swiss Air provides more details regarding the costs associated with bringing animals along for the trip.


How many pets can I travel with?


When flying with Swiss Air, passengers are allowed to bring up to two dogs with them. Regardless of whether or not the animals are traveling in the passenger cabin or the cargo hold of the aircraft.


Depending on the pet’s size, passengers may have the option of transporting both of their pets in the cabin. Transporting both of their pets in the cargo section. In other case transporting only one of their pets with them on board and transporting the other in the cargo section.


Restriction about travel with pets



Because of regulations in the United States, Swiss Air requires that animals be at least 16 weeks old before they may make the journey to the United States.


For pets to be transported in the cabin of an airplane, they are required to abide by the following restrictions:


  • Dogs and cats can weigh no more than 8 kilograms together (unless the animal has protective or assistance functions);
  • Maximum container size is 118 cm (55 x 40 x 23 cm);
  • Be transported in a clean, comfortable container that can prevent the animal from escaping, scratching itself, standing up, lying down, and turning around without difficulty;
  • Stay in the container under your seat for the duration of the journey;
  • Maintain their cleanliness and good health, and do not put anyone else on the ship in harm’s way.


Passengers traveling to the United States with emotional support dogs are not required to pay any additional fees.


Your pet may be able to travel in the hold if it weighs more than 8 kilograms or would require a larger container than what was indicated above.


For further information regarding traveling with specific dog breeds, please refer to the Advanced Regulations page provided by Swiss Air.