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Top Places to Visit in the US in 2022

top places in us

The United States is one of the most extensive and eclectic countries and places to visit in the world. The travel destinations are endless, ranging from natural wonders to glittering urban metropolises, each with its own diversity and beauty. As such, there are just so many possibilities when it comes to planning your trip.


As spring comes to a close, the summer and autumn seasons will make your visit spectacular depending on your interests. There will be numerous summertime festivals and vibrant events in the fall. Here is our comprehensive guide to the top places to visit in the US for 2022.


Remember that if you are a citizen of a Visa Waiver Country, you do not need a visitor visa to take a tourist trip to the United States. All you need to do is apply for an ESTA visa and receive your confirmation in around 24 hours.


New York City, New York


The Big Apple can never not top every year’s list of top places to visit in the country. From Manhattan’s futuristic skyline to Brooklyn’s tranquil urban landscape, from Queen’s hidden cultural gems to the Bronx’s revitalization as an ethnic hub, New York City is a gift that keeps on giving to the world.


Visit the Met, Guggenheim, and National Gallery if you are looking for a culture-rich visit. Or head to Central Park for a calm walk into its crisscrossing paths. Don’t forget to check out the best eating spots in Brooklyn and Queens. But, most of all, why not look for iconic movie settings in the city? From Martin Scorsese to Woody Allen, from Gangs of New York to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there are just so many spots where you can breathe history.


Chicago, Illinois


The Windy City, the capital of Illinois, is renowned for its architectural majesty and hospitality. Travel with the L line to take in the landscape over Lake Michigan. Head to the Chicago River for a jaw-dropping photoshoot with your friends or family.


Or perhaps you may be interested in the city’s celebrated live music scene? Picture a backroom jazz club offering top performances, traditional cuisine, and craft beer until the early hours. It’s no secret that Chicago is known as the Heart of America for many.


Yosemite National Park


There’s nothing quite like the monumental feel of Yosemite in California. This National Park is a true sight for the eyes. If one had to look for the word “majestic” in the dictionary, a picture of Yosemite could very well suffice, making it one of most beautiful places to visit in the United States.


Even though famous for its granite cliffs and sequoia groves, the National Park’s incredible atmosphere comes from its biological diversity and wildlife, as well as its meadows and glaciers. Nature enthusiasts and climbers flock to the area all year round, and if you want to visit, you should be looking into reserving a spot.




Maine’s colors in the fall are otherworldly, an artistic, natural canvas of forests, mountains, lakes, and coastline that, combined with its low population density, makes the state one of the most peaceful and contemplative in the country.


Maine’s motto is “the way life should be.” We feel it’s well-deserved. But it’s not all back camping and exploration: its port towns and traditional urban arteries offer their share of traditional cuisine. Local brewery tours are a must if you are into craft beer.


Memphis, Tennessee


Memphis’ downtown is retro-heaven: from its historic diners and bars, the most thrilling city in the American South is famous for being the music capital of North America. Beale Street is the go-to to soak up the vibe, and you should also look into paying a visit to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music.


But Memphis’ cultural attractions transcend music, as it was also the centerpoint of the Civil Rights movement and remains sought-after for its BBQ culture.


Indiana Dunes National Park


Encompassing over 15 miles of shore in Southern Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes National Park is a gem for those who are looking for natural wonders. The wondrous vistas and vast horizons blend with a sky lit with vibrant colors.  Wetlands, prairies, pine forests, and winding rivers surround the ancient dunes.


This paradise makes a rich habitat for birds and other wildlife. There are boardwalks and lighthouses along the shore that make the setting even more picturesque than you can ever imagine.